While most vacuum pumps may appear to work the same, the fact is there are major differences on the inside, where it counts. Our recently redesigned Super Pro Racing Vacuum Pump is a purpose built pump specifically designed for the hot, wet and oily environment found in race car crankcase vapors without the need for frequent cleaning like other brands.

An all new die casting, only available from GZ Motorsports, forms the core of the new pump with much closer tolerances than previous models enhancing it's air flow potential. Updates also include improved and beefed up port locations, totally rebuildable bearing sections and long life wipers.

As with all GZ Vacuum Pumps, Rulon Wipers are still used exclusively as it's the best material to use for tough hot and oily applications that we've found. In fact, this pump can suck in and spit out anything but metal without sticking! In fact recent durability testing we've conducted with our new extended life wipers proved that this pump can run hours at RPM with a light oil mist and still maintain full vacuum! Compare that service life with any other brand pump and you'll find nothing else comes close to lasting that long.

With GZ Motorsports Vacuum Pumps there is no need to spray brake cleaner into the pump between rounds to keep the internal vanes from sticking, a necessity with all other brands of pumps because they aren't designed to run in an oily atmosphere. Unlike the others, GZ pumps use a proven vane design that can't stick! The GZ Pump's carbon fiber vanes and Rulon wipers seal better and last longer than anything else available which translates to less overall operating cost for your race car.

Another feature you'll like is that they cost less than others, that's right you get more pump for less money From the outside most Racing Vacuum Pumps look very similar, they all have a two hose connections, and a pulley on the front. But that's where the similarity ends. There are two basic vacuum pump designs available for racing, the sliding vane design used by our competitors, and the crankshaft design that uses floating vanes used exclusively by GZ Motorsports.

Watch this video to see inside of the pumps to learn the difference. Read more customer testimonials and check out their cars We've tried several other vacuum pumps over the years, we even put two of another very well known brand on at the same time, but none compare to the GZ Motorsports Super Pro pump.

When we dyno'd the motor it made hp without the vacuum pump and hp with the pump. That's a 33 hp gain with just the pump. We also noticed an increase in the rpm at which peak horse power was made. The intake manifold is dry as a bone! It used to be wet with oil after a few runs due to big ring gaps,big cylinders,clearance of pistons and tons of nitrous Your set up is great and I would recommend it to anyone who wants serious horsepower out of there car.

Best investment I made. If anyone has any questions about installing this set up on there car I would be more than happy to talk to them.All rights reserved. Nissan, Datsun, and all other manufacturer names mentioned throughout our websites are registered trademarks of their respective companies, and are used solely for descriptive purposes.

Some features may require Flash or Java. Welcome To Motor sport! Enthusiast Site: Online Store: We believe "Great Service" means offering quality parts and accessories at reasonable prices, and being knowledgeable about what we sell. Then, the only thing better than confidence you'lll get the correct part, is getting it quickly. We have the largest inventory of Z-car parts and accessories this side of Japan. We don't believe in making you wait weeks for a "got-to-have-it-now" component.

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We have the best sources for finding restoration parts when Nissan discontinues them. Our goal will always be to find the part you need, even re-engineering parts whenever we can.

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Still, we're as close as your telephone, where a real person, who knows your Nissan or Datsun Z or ZX, can help answer your questions. Need technical assistance? Need to know what can be exchanged between a Datsun L24, L26, and an L28? Can't get your Datsun Z SU carburetors to idle correctly? Need to know how to get vacuum from your Weber triple carburetors? Trying to fix your Fairlady? How can we help you?Team Z now offers a kit to build your own ballast bars. Our kits make adding weight to your race car where you need it an ease.

Included is a piece of 2" X 2" square tube that is 16" long and can be used at the length or modified for smaller dimensions if need be. We also include 2 styles of end caps to allow you to put your filler on an end or use the filler in a different location.

How To Weld th Team Z Mustang 79-04 Lower Adjustable Torque Box Replacement Kit You Weld

Fabrication and welding is required. Our seat mount brackets are made in house on our waterjet from. With multiple mounting holes, our brackets offer great adjustment both for height and lay back. It makes mounting your aftermarket seat simple.

Hardware not included. These brackets mount to the side of most any aftermarket racing seats, fabrication is necessary. Can be used with our seat mount bases, or you can make your own frame mounts. No specific use is recommended, intended or contemplated. By the installation of these components, the user or installer assumes all risks of damage, injury or death.

All Rights Reserved. Product Search Search:. Mailing List. Built with Volusion. Team Z Steering Wheel Center. Each center is anodized black with a white "Team Z" logo etched in the surface finish. Team Z Motorsports Freedom T-shirt.

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Team Z Flex Fit Hat. Team Z Motorsports now offers Flex Fit hats! Whether its at the track or out on the town, these hats let you rep the company you know and trust. Made in the USA!O ur goal is that The Z Store becomes your source for keeping your daily driver, project car, or favorite pastime, just how you want it.

We currently have over Z parts online, with many more on the way. W e have organized The Z Store first by era. T he goal of The Z Store is having everything you need for your Z at your fingertips. Have a suggestion? Can't find a part you need? Just call us atfrom Monday-Friday, or Saturday, Pacific time.

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For an exhaustive list of all categories and parts by sitemap, see pages 12345678910or We'll confirm receipt of your order, and let you know if there are any questions. We ship most orders the next day. Thanks for visiting Motor sportand The Z Store! All rights reserved on all content.

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Images used may not exactly match your specific application. Prices are subject to change. More information. Nissan, Datsun, and all other manufacturer names mentioned throughout this website are registered trademarks of their respective companies, and are used solely for descriptive purposes.All Rights Reserved.

Product Search Search:.

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Mailing List. Our kit is also available with a release lever and cable system for and additional charge. Built with Volusion. Team Z Motorsports offers a weld on filler cap for your fabrication needs. Whether you are building your own housing, or making a set of ballast bars, we have you covered.

The filler neck and cap are made in house on our CNC Lathe to ensure a high standard of quality while being affordable. The filler necks are turned down from steel and the caps from Aluminum to provide high strength. Team Z S 8. Looking to add more support to your S Mustang with a 8.

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We now offer a weld on under brace for 8. Our kit comes with a pre bent and notched tube to weld to the housing, and a gusset brace to add even more support to the housing. This kit helps in limiting the axle tubes to bend or move under load and higher horsepower. Every piece is cut and bent in house. Proudly made in Detroit! Team Z Parachute Cable Kit. Our parachute cable and release kit is designed to give you everything need to allow you to run a standard release parachute.

Our cross-members are designed to work specifically with our LS swap kits. We offer our cross members for T and T Transmissions.

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We use lightweight steel to reduce weight while maintaining strength, and have Poly bushings to reduce any vibration. Team Z Parachute Mount.And if you have any questions or concerns, we are here to help.

It really affects our ability to sell and be successful and would be greatly appreciated. Trigger: 10-15 days after Delivery. Message: This is the final email you send them. In this email, your focus is on getting the product review while making sure they liked the product. If you do, please do not hesitate to contact us. Furthermore, I hope you are truly loving our products and are happy with your purchase.

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