Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. Some of you may wonder where Denver Nuggets rookie center Jusuf Nurkic's story began. And the other 99 percent of you probably don't give a shit, but it's kind of an interesting tale anyway. You see, Nurkic's dad is a cop in Bosnia and Herzegovinaand one day sports agent Enes Trnovcevic read a newspaper report that the elder Nurkic had been in a fight with 14 men and won.

The next day he went to the policeman's home and asked if he had a son. Of course, the answer was yes and that's when Trnovcevic met Jusuf who was 14 at the time and had never played basketball. My agent Enes found out about this and here I am. Jusuf sprouted to a mere 6'11" and weighs a comparatively slim lbs. He's become a fairly productive role player for the Nuggets in just his first year, chipping in 6.

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It's not as impressive as beating up more than a dozen men, but then again not much is. And here's another one from a website we didn't think existed, a Jusuf Nurkic fan page.

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Note the hands:. All Rights Reserved. Sign up for the Complex Newsletter for breaking news, events, and unique stories. That story may sound like complete internet BS, but on some level Jusuf confirmed it, saying: "Yes, it is true, in some fight my father has beaten 14 people.

Here's a picture of the man at a recent Nuggets game:. Also Watch Close. Share This Story. Sign up for Complex notifications for breaking news and stories. No Thanks Allow.She has one brother named Emir. In late July, Jusuf Nurkic asked everyone to "wear a damn mask" after sharing that his grandmother remained in a coma because of the coronavirus.

Obviously the court is the safest place for me. She is also from Tuzla, Bosnia; was a candidate for the Rotary Club in her hometown in Portland Trail Blazers Center Jusuf Nurkic says that his year-old grandmother, who had slipped into a coma after a positive coronavirus test in Bosnia, has now awakened from that coma.

Jusuf Nurkic was discovered at the age of 14 when his father, Hariz Nurkic — who is a 7 footer policeman and weighs over pounds, was involved in a fight that was gained national visibility.

But maybe that's they're coming out to try to control the action or control the back and forth, but hopefully it eases up. But even with that, and the concern for his grandmother's condition, Nurkic tried to keep the focus on the floor.

We all just smiled, because it was crazy. Portland Trail Blazers center Jusuf Nurkic told reporters Sunday that his grandmother was doing better and was out of her coma as she battles the coronavirus in Bosnia. In a highly competitive, intense game, Carmelo Anthony drilled crucial back-to-back 3s in the final minutes of regulation and McCollum took over in the extra frame to pull the Blazers a game closer to Memphis. Nurkic was a key part of a momentum shift in the fourth quarter, finishing a soaring dunk and letting out a visceral roar on his way back down the floor.

The new chapter of the beef between Harden and Antetokounmpo is…about love?!

Jusuf Nurkic Girlfriend, Dad, Family, Height, Weight, Body Stats

Nurkic played 33 minutes in his return, providing the Blazers much-needed size and rim protection six blockswhile also diversifying Portland's offense 18 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists before fouling out late in the fourth quarter.

El sitio oficial de la NBA. McCollum said he went to Nurkic's room to check on him because it was so obvious something was going on. Skip to content "Tough situation for him to be so far away from his family and be out here competing, so give him a lot of credit for coming out here battling with a heavy heart. She died on Saturday from the virus.See all results for this question. He is the Bosnian center player for the Portland Trail Blazers.

He also played with the Chicago Bulls. Well, the year-old is currently dating a beautiful brunette girlfriend named Emina Duric. More Jusuf Nurkic Girlfriend images. Jusuf 's mother, Jasmina lost her leg a decade ago after stepping on a landmine and takes care of her year-old son, Adin, who has a heart condition.

Emina is also from Tuzla, the same city and hometown as her boyfriend. However, we have been able to find that the star has a regular girlfriend of his own actually. Her name is Emina Duric.

Jusuf Nurkic Was Discovered Because His Dad, A 7ft, 400-Pound Cop, Beat 14 People In A Fight

From the much we have been able to unearth about her, she actually comes from the same country as Jusuf himself Bosnia and Herzegovina and, in fact, from the same city of Tuzla, the administrative center of Tuzla Canton of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. From his career as a basketball player, Nurkic earns a fortunate amount of money.

hariz nurkic fight

See full list on playerswiki. As per the source, his partner Emina was a candidate for Rotary Club in her hometown in The pair are happily enjoying their love life. Along with his profession, Nurkic is successfully maintaining his love life too.

Although the duo is dating, neither Nurkic nor Emina has mentioned any plans of getting engaged or married. So far, there are no rumors of their breakup and other affairs. Besides this, there are no records of Nurkic's past relationships. Aged 24, Jusuf Nurkic the handsome hunk stands the perfect height of 2. Nurkic belongs to a Bosnian nationality. He completed his graduation from the Bosnia and Herzegovina college.We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.

To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. The story goes that they found Jusuf Nurkic's dad first. Hariz Nurkic is a police officer in Bosnia and Herzegovina and, according to the Nuggets broadcast, stands at 7 feet tall and over pounds, which is what's known in the biz as a Very Big Cop.

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Here's the tale from the Nurkic fan page :. Jusuf Nurkic's dad is a policeman in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. One day a Bosnian sports agent Enes Trnovcevic was reading a newspaper where he read: "Bosnian policeman, Hariz Nurkic has beaten 14 people in a fight. Next day he went to Tuzla and met with Nurkic's father. The only thing he asked him was: "Do you have a son? Enes Trnovcevic took him to Slovenia and gave him an opportunity he accepted and used.

Jusuf has confirmed at least the gist of the story, and I'm inclined to believe the part about beating up 14 guys because if I say I don't believe it, I might get beat up, too.

The broadcast also said Wednesday night is the Nurkic family's first visit to the U. Cookie banner We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.

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hariz nurkic fight

Filed under:. Nuggets rookie Jusuf Nurkic's dad is a 7', pound cop. Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email.

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Loading comments Horizontal - Colbalt Share this story Twitter Facebook.One second, Portland Trail Blazers center Jusuf Nurkic was flying through the air, trying to tip in an offensive rebound at the end of a double-overtime game against the Brooklyn Nets on March 25, The next, he was lying on the ground, writhing in pain, his lower leg obviously broken.

For the first month, Nurkic didn't watch video of the play. He already remembered so many strange events from that night. The baseline referee accidentally kicking his foot as he tried to step over him. The doctor who wanted to operate on him as soon as he arrived at the hospital. I ain't going to be the last patient of the day,'" Nurkic joked.

I don't want a tired doctor. I've done that move probably a million times in my career. The Blazers have performed their own analysis of the play to see if something predisposed the 7-foot, pound Jurkic to bone fractures.

He suffered a stress fracture in on his right leg, so it warranted deeper investigation. Nothing jumped out as a red flag. He was discovered, the story goes, by a sports agent who read an article in a local Bosnian newspaper about a 7-foot, pound cop in a city called Tuzla who fought off 13 people while on the job.

The agent, Enes Trnovcevic, was determined to find out if that cop had any sons because: What better pedigree for a future NBA player, right? Well, that cop happened to be Nurkic's father, Hariz. And he indeed had a son, though year-old Jusuf looked nothing like a future NBA player.

He wasn't particularly tall or strong, had never picked up a basketball and knew very little about the game. But Trnovcevic was undeterred. He convinced Nurkic's family to let him take young Jusuf to a boarding school in Slovenia, where he would study and learn to play basketball. He was barely 20 when he made his NBA debut. But when you've come thousands of miles and don't know a lot of people and are learning a new language, things can happen really fast. It wasn't long before Nurkic, stuck behind Nuggets big man Nikola Jokic and frustrated with his role, asked for a trade.

It took some convincing, but the Nuggets finally obliged in Februarysending Nurkic and a first-round pick to Portland for Mason Plumleea second-round pick and cash. They are much more stoic. They're quiet assassins. There was a slight delay, which is normal as scores update. So he refreshed the screen a few times. Each time, no update.

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Olshey had built this Blazers team to counteract the NBA trend toward small-ball -- throwing three 7-footers on the court at the same time -- to force teams such as the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets to contend with those matchups. But that strategy works only if you have 7-footers like Nurkic, who are nimble on their feet, know how to use their size and have vision and the passing ability to exploit defensive traps.

It was working, too.He also plays for the Bosnian national team. Nurkic was born in Tuzla which happens to be the third largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the 23rd day of August His height, even as a growing child, has always been something that spotted him out in a crowd.

He learnt so fast and played the game very well. He performed more than expected at the tournament and caught the attention of scouts, especially from the international communities. During the Euroleague, he played in just six games, with an average of 1. In July of the same month, he signed his rookie scale contract with them.

In that game, Nurkic recorded five points and seven rebounds. He also made eight assists and six blocks to become the first NBA star, after Charles Barkleyto record such in a single game. Jusuf also plays internationally for the Bosnia and Herzegovina national team. It was once reported in a Bosnian Newspaper that Hariz Nurkic beat up 14 persons in a fight, considering his big stature and his position as an officer of the law, this might be true.

She once made him wear a T. Standing at a height of 7ft 0 in 2. For someone of his stature, he has this great moving agility with his powerful frame, great hands and superb mobility, it all serves up as a huge threat to every team opponent he encounters also with his leaping ability and quick feet, it is a whole lot of quality for a player of his sizes to posses.

January 17, January 29, December 10, January 29, April 14, About Joseph N. Colter View all posts by Joseph N.The return of the big man brings hope for the Blazers to remain firm in the fight for one of the last spots in the playoffs race, but even if the center succeeds to surprise fans with great performances in this return, nothing can be more impactful than the story that involves his entry in the basketball world.

What Jusuf Nurkic gained from losing a year to injury

Jusuf Nurkic was discovered at the age of 14 when his father, Hariz Nurkic — who is a 7 footer policeman and weighs over pounds, was involved in a fight that was gained national visibility. Who read one of these reports about the fight was the Bosnian sports journalist Enes Trnovcevic who was intrigued :.

Enes Trnovcevic took him to Slovenia and gave him an opportunity he accepted and used. The Portland Trail Blazers player confirmed part of this incredible story … however, it is not clear whether his father hit 14 people at once, or if it was a story with some fantasy….

We all just smiled, because it was crazy. At the time Jusuf had no idea how to play basketball, but the curiosity sparked interest and he got a coach …. Connect with us. Nurkic dead in the crowd.

hariz nurkic fight

Related Topics a Cop beat 14 people in a fight featured Jusuf Nurkic was discovered after his dad portland trail blazers news. Click to comment.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. By Christian Camilo. Headlines Trending. Houston Rockets The new chapter of the beef between Harden and Antetokounmpo is…about love?!

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